Sunday, 31 May 2015

Quiet Hours

Today is June. My, hasn't it been a while since I posted. June brings in winter here in Australia and it's a good time for bringing out the slow cooker or the pot boiler and making up some hearty stews. Autumn has now finished and it left behind a mix bag of nice weather, rainy weather, and all sorts in between. Winter weather should be interesting.

The change of weather means it's a good time for quilts. I've discovered hand piecing and am enjoying making up patchwork blocks, sewing by hand. It's nice to take the craft along any where and I like the accuracy hand piecing gives. If you haven't tried hand piecing patchwork blocks give it a go, it's very rewarding. The pattern above is called Kansas Dugout and I'm using all kinds of scraps from my scrap box which have all been thrifted. Lots of pillow cases here and sheets too, as I do like frugal crafting.

I've also been tackling, very slowly, the UFO basket pile. The rag rug I learnt to do at the Simple Living work shop is slowly growing bigger. The UFO basket pile alas isn't growing smaller. If you like to try your hand at making a rag rug Nanna Chel over at Going Grey and Slightly green has a Toothbrush/rag rug tutorial
Nifty Thrifty Bits also has a rag rug tutorial.

I also took a visit to the local jumble sale just around the corner from me. I came home with some books. Two on Companion Planting. One of the books says you can't go wrong with: "Marigolds with everything." 

The Pinks (Dianthus) I brought at a Fete sale at the beginning of the year have grown. I collected some to press in the home made flower press dad made for me from left over timber, the only new items were the screws. I also pressed some other flowers still blooming in the garden.

It's been a quiet month and I'm looking forward to coming back to posting around in comments and seeing what interesting things y'all have all been doing.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are

Monday, 4 May 2015

Autumn days

Autumn is well and truly here. Many of the trees around are showing off their Autumn dress and the rains have come in. It's been a wet time of late and the best place to be is indoors if possible. I did my first driving lesson in the rain...that was interesting. 
While inside I've been tackling that ufo basket of sewing things. Still don't seem to have done much of anything and nothing is finished but I'll get there.

On the paper side of things I also did another junk journal too. I call her Miss Rose.

I used a lot of things from my stash and gave printing out paper a try. There are some very pretty printables to print and many can be found on pinterest if you like to try that your self. Just search printables. Printable paper. And such.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.