Sunday, 20 January 2013

Merry Heart

Colored pencils. Watercolor paintings. Snippets of fabric and thread stitched into a crazy quilt block. Growing plants in pots. All wonderous things found in a day.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Cheerful things

I made some faux polaroids using some of my pictures from Christmas last year and on this blog. I'll put them in a smash book later. to decorate the polaroids I used some deco tape and washi tape and some stamping. I'm also making some flowers too, the pink one what I did was use strips of gauze made them into a bow sort of shape around my fingers, tied it off, and glued them down on a small circle of cardboard. You then sort of poof out the bow shape with your fingers shaping to make a flower. I then randomly cut into the guaze to make the petals. I added a string of pearls by gluing down one end into the centre and randomly twisted it in and out and around the petals. I glued the end down in the center. Then I added a pile of random pearls gluing them down too. It is fiddly and ends up a bit like Prima gatsby flower. I saw this on luvleescrappin channel in this video . But I made my own style and didn't use any ribbon.  

Thursday, 17 January 2013

At home

I am working on some little watercolour paintings just to start painting again. This one is of a nightime scene. I did it postcard size which is a size I am favouring at the moment. The scissors fob uses a small crazy quilt snippet and a wonderful diamond spider charm. On the back is a cross stitch of an owl. I made a string of beads to attach the small scissors to the fob. Something small and fiddly like this I hand sew to finish. They are very easy to make, if you know how to make a cushion (pillow) then one of these will be a snap to finish.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Junk Mail

I made some postcards from left over paper scraps sitting on my desk. I also used some deco tape and washi tape to add a bit of interest and just really used whatever there was. I also added a little bit of stamping using a bird stamp and did some sewing on one postcard as well. The Calendula seed pack which is empty I picked up on my walk as I gathered some photos of mail boxes. The seed pack wasn't there on my walk down but I found it on my walk back home.

Thursday, 10 January 2013


The card for today uses FLONZ stamps (they do have a website or you can find them on Ebay). I hand colored the image to look soft and pastel-y and then added some bling trim from a secret santa swap last year. I used some ribbon bow trim, a felt butterfly from a sam's world and lastly added a floral spray I made...there is a sort of tutorial for how I made the floral spray HERE. The stick pin is from another swap. The bling trim and stick pin are both from CraftingPassionz swaps last year.
The blue brick wall is one of the local thrift stores where I brought the needlepoint motif showing peeking from the above images. A 50 cent find from a while ago. I recently brought some sheets there, four dollars, these are to be used for some crazy quilt items. Just one of the many wip on my desk at the moment.