Friday, 23 September 2016

Flower colours

We had a lot of rain and it finally cleared up, though it did bring a bit of wind and chill through the air. September in our part of the world brings the Carnival of flowers, that is held each year. Every year a garden is selected as a winner and visitors then can tour all the gardens open for the Carnival.

My aunt and I, took a visit to the reserved champion garden, and it was a glorious show of colour and flowers. I took a video so will have that up soon for everyone to have a look at.

The reserve champion won last year and I don't know why it didn't win again this year.

I've also been at home puttering around, preparing for a craft stall in October. I'm not sure if I need some kind of intervention or if I should even admit that much of the material shown here came out of my stash. I've used up a lot of scraps. The little folk art paintings, I brought the canvases in a packet of six and never quite knew what to do with them; now they are being useful.

Over all this is definitely a learning curve. I'm learning I'm rubbish at trying to make things all the same. I really can't do a production line.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

this and that

Spring is well and truly here.  We've had a bit of mix bag when it comes to the weather but it has been mostly glorious. I've been planting away in my tiny container garden and it is coming along nicely. The tomatoes are turning red and it looks like there is more on the way. Not bad for a freebie plant I picked up off the swap table at the Simple Living group, the plant I picked up in the winter workshops and dad said it would die. I also brought these 'mums mostly because of the cute little water can pot but mostly because they were half price at Woolies.

At home we've been trying to use up what we have with the food as we don't seem to go through it quick enough. So we made up some fritters to use up excess ham and such. The burnt ones are also yummy. 

I've also been pottering away at the work desk. I agreed to do a table at a craft stall in October. It'll be my first craft stall and I hope to have enough. You'd think I'd have more but as I do things they end up going so I'm not left with much. Besides I like to do things fresh and make more new things, keeps me interested that way. I'm hoping to have a quilt on the table too, but I don't think there'll be enough time for that.
I found the pattern for the brooch lady and bird on line, a vintage pattern which says to make them up in applique and add beads and bows. I used crayon tinting and added beads and bows as suggested. I backed them with felt and added a safety pin for the brooch pin. I think they turned out nice for something that uses up my material scraps. There be a few on the stall table for pennies...well, cents.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.