Wednesday 29 October 2014

Magpie collector

This morning the weather is cooler than yesterday, but then it is still morning and the heat of the day has yet to set in. If it's hot today I am indulging myself with a 'Spider', made with ice cream and soft drink. Meanwhile, on my desk are some finished junk journals and one journal which needs to have the pages decorated. The first journal has ribbon threaded through the pages and I used up a lot of stash scraps to complete the look. All the pages have been inked. The cover is made from manilla file folders.I toughen them up by added layers of scrap paper underneath and add the final page image I want to use as the front piece.

Inside the pages are very homely.

Also on the finished list is the second issue of my homemade zine: At Home. I finally settled on a ribbon closure for the pages and added some clear hole re-inforcements to stop the ribbon from tearing through the pages. I need to redo the first issue as I am not happy with the margins.
 I spent time on both issues hand drawing the images and writing. There's some pages with type font.

Here's a sneak peak of my December Daily junk journal. I used all old Christmas cards to make this and you can follow instructions on Jennibellie YT channel found here to make one the same. I decorated the spine with handmade paper beads and the Christmas ornaments I got from the thrift store. None of these things cost me very much I think the most exspensive item was probably the bus ticket to go into town at $3 return. Sometimes it pays to be a Magpie collector. Now I have painting on my mind that I want to do.

(An old collage painting of mine: The sea captain's author.)
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.

Monday 27 October 2014

Thrifty things

We've been having some sorching weather the last couple of days. There is some relief with a bit of a storm and today there was breeze even if it was a hot one. I've been sitting outside underneath this shed awning, seeking breeze and looking at blogs on my IPAD.  The garden looks wilted in this heat and the lawn isn't worth mentioning.
I got news today from my operation that all is well and nothing was cancerous. I've healed up very fine and even have lost some weight which is good. All up the cyst(s) they removed was 1kg.
I was brave enough to get out and about in the heat to look around a few thrift stores this week. I came home with a few things I want to use for Christmas creations. I was particularly happy to find two whole bags of broken earrings, the big kind that were popular in the 80's and some nice bling-y sort. I want to use these on Junk Journals. I also found a huge bag of Christmas Ornaments, I've used some for a December Daily. The photograph above is some thrift finds from last year with a my sketchy journal for drawing.
I've also been making some Junk Journals. Different to the ones I usually make. I like to create signatures in my Junk Journals this time I have single pages, decorated front and back, inked and I am threading the pages together with soft over dyed silk ribbon tied in a bow on the front cover. Like the old vintage photograph albums.
Is it too early to mention Christmas ornaments? I've made up these bells from simple cardboard, string, and foil from the kitchen. These are the undressed ones. I've finished up some all dressed up nicely from my stash. These are rather large, I like to make some smaller ones for the tree. I hope to show instructions for these soon-ish.
And now I have some ideas for paintings I want to work on.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Cottage flowers

It's been mostly cool and fine days here of late and I've been out collecting flowers from the garden to press, dry, and use for cottage-y projects.
I collected some of the roses from the front garden and added in other flowers like lavender, heliotrope and some mint leaves too.  These will air dry right down into a small amount I can use later.

I've been drying this lavender for a while and it is crispy dry ready to be put in potpourri.
Other leaves like roses leaves and geranium petals I've pressed and added to some cheap store brought candles. The other candles I decopauged and painted.  All this cost hardly nothing except some slow time to dry and press. I've also been making cards from scrap stash.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening wherever they are.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Left Overs

Well, we were having some nice weather until winter decided it wanted to come back for a visit. Even with the cold snap the day outside is still pretty. The weather, though, is meant for indoor pursuits during breaks with  warming cups of tea and hot buttered scones, of course.
I've been crocheting these flowers following the instructions from The bluebirds are nesting which can be found here. I'm using a thinner thread because that is what I have on hand to try them out. I made them into rosettes for scrapbooking. The ribbon and lace came from the old coat hanger I pulled apart, the fabric on the coat hanger I used on the tea towel here. I have a few done and I used a lot of things like buttons and flowers from my stash. It was a good way of using up things I already had.
I also braved the cold and went for a short walk down to the local church jumble sale. There's always something there to bring home. I brought home some books (naturally) and some baby flannel for crafting. I had a good buy for those things everything was only $2, and the lady serving said I could have the bible I picked up to bring home for free. I could have brought more home.
The roses in our front yard are blooming again and soon I'll be picking them to make use of the petals in pot-pourri. These roses, particularly the yellow ones, have such a nice scent. I want to press some petals too to decorate on candles.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Artful letters

Over the weekend my sister,  (I have three sisters younger than me and an older brother) came to visit and there was a lot of talking. She's a talker and good for a laugh. She is more like my other sisters, out going and with that mummy vibe that looks after everyone. I'm the shy one of the family and it always hard for me to be engaging out side of family. Having three outgoing chatty sisters (and an older brother) always give me people to talk to. Other wise I just wouldn't talk as a child. Needless to say the internet chatting is more comfortable for me.
Over the weekend I also went through a lot of my stash just sorting and thinking about where I want to go with things. I've done some thrifting of late and there's a few things to sort through.
 Looking at the pile of cards I made gave me the idea to think now is a good time to start letter writing again. Letter writing seems to have fallen out in favour of emails and phone calls. Which is a shame. Even with postage costs high I don't think sending a simple letter or card would break my or anyone's small budget.
If you would like a letter and card from me please email me your snail mail address at Vintagepapery (@ gmail) and I'll send you snail mail (overseas friends are welcome). You never know what else you might recieve in the mail from me too. It'll be a nice way to revive the art of letter writing don't you think? Hopefully my handwriting will be readable! I don't type my letters out I always write them out.

Now I have some painting to do. Sisters, keeping the light. With peacock greens and blue birds. I think. The story will change as I paint. I also have lots of stitching to do too.
I hope everone is having a good day or evening wherever they are.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Waste not

We've been having some nice days, warm, but not too hot. It looks like rain is on the way too. Meanwhile I've been tackling the tea towels I messed up when transferring. I thought these should be destined for the bin, but I try not to waste anything.

I had some cheap gingham trim I brought at the dollar stores here and knew I wanted to somehow include it. A while back I was cutting up some old clothes and also pulled apart a couple of old fabric padded coat hangers to reuse the lace and fabric. There was a far bit of fabric and lace in such a small area.

I used the printed floral fabric from the coat hanger and a fabric from a linen shirt. You can't really see it but there is black flowers embroidered on the black fabric too. I did this by hand as sometimes patching things by hand is easier for me as I'm not used to using the sewing machine. The finish is  not perfect by any means, it is better than throwing away the tea towel.

I've also been scribbling away in a junk journal meant for quotes and such. I'm not worrying about making it pretty, just writing down quotes I like or mean something to me. Now I am off to tackle the other problem tea towels and do some painting...a sister to the Lantern Lighter I think.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.

Thursday 2 October 2014

Lantern Lighters

On the last weekend I had a small day out visiting the Cabarlah markets which is always an interesting visit. There a good array of stalls to look through and I noticed a lot were now selling handmade vintage craft items like tea cosy's and such. I came away with some books (of course) and a rooster tea towel with a crochet topper. All in all a good day out.

And a day at the market isn't a day out unless you buy something for morning smoko, I came home with a tray of different slices for $5.
I've also been working on some drawing's and paintings. Whimsy things with little stories I make up as I paint. Theatre Of The Lantern Lighters is a small piece which has possiblties for more ideas. I was making some Christmas paper lanterns (will be posting about that soon) for the tree at Christmas and I think that inspired this little painting.
I once read some where, God gave people Guardian Angels to look after them. To help look after the plant and animal kingdom he sent the Fairies. Another thing I read about Fairy origins is that they are the Angels who wouldn't take sides when God and Lucifer were at war; God banished them to Earth. I don't know about you but I like the first one better.
Now, I have some stitching to do.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening wherever they are.