Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rainy days homestay

When it is too cold and rainy to go outside then indoors is the best place to stay.
The 12 x12 layout is of my niece, a grungy style to hide a boo-boo (spilt water on pictures is a no-no). The words on the layout are rubons and the heart stamp came from the UK stamp magazine - Craft Stamper. The scribbly stamp heart is Tim Holtz. The paper used in the layout is just a generic brand from the cheap stores. I also added a little bit of machine stitching.

Then there was thrifting and cleaning ornaments. The little girl on the windup toy bike still actually works. You wind her up via a small little pin on the side of the bike, place her on the floor, and she rides along on her bike. The toy belongs to dad.

After that it was time to sort through my fabric stash. I am making sorting through fabric to return to making crazy quilt blocks. Maybe this time I can make enough to build up a quilt.

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