Saturday, 21 July 2012

lavender and roses

Some people don't like the smell of lavender I do, they are my favourite cottage flower. I think mostly because so much can be done with them and they are useful too like most herb and cottage flowers. For lavender to grow so big  takes a long time and those lavender flower bushes are from a senior citizen garden down from my house. I have lavender in pots, well, my dad does; they are mine I asked him to plant some for me as I have a brown thumb.

I have more success 'growing' flowers on craft things like the art tag. The rolled roses are brought ones but they are simple enough to make. The butterfly is from my making memories slice cartridge Vintage Findings. I used some mesh bling from Shar's secret santa gift to me from last year. And the image is one from a google search. All the leaves ont the tag are from thrift brought silk flowers. I used for the tag itself Tim Holtz die tag and embossed with Divine Swirls folder I just recently brought. It really is an all round useful embossing folder and very pretty.

The fabric in the back ground picture is a silky type one from the thrift store and the lace is also from the same place, but there is only a little bit of it now. I used a lot of it to cover Jude's Junk journal and to make a card.

It is such a nice day here, with some dark clouds, and not at all like winter. Then again I am sitting near the window facing the sun to type this. I hope where ever you are, the day is pleasant.

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