Friday 18 January 2013

Cheerful things

I made some faux polaroids using some of my pictures from Christmas last year and on this blog. I'll put them in a smash book later. to decorate the polaroids I used some deco tape and washi tape and some stamping. I'm also making some flowers too, the pink one what I did was use strips of gauze made them into a bow sort of shape around my fingers, tied it off, and glued them down on a small circle of cardboard. You then sort of poof out the bow shape with your fingers shaping to make a flower. I then randomly cut into the guaze to make the petals. I added a string of pearls by gluing down one end into the centre and randomly twisted it in and out and around the petals. I glued the end down in the center. Then I added a pile of random pearls gluing them down too. It is fiddly and ends up a bit like Prima gatsby flower. I saw this on luvleescrappin channel in this video . But I made my own style and didn't use any ribbon.  

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