Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Homemade and make do

The full size crazy quilt bed throw is progressing. I measure progress by the amount of pins holding down fabric waiting for me to applique hand stitch on to the backing fabric which is a single bed sheet. When there are no pins I can say I've progressed. Slowly for sure.
You might think I've pieced in the embroidered fishy upside down, however I am actually stitching upside down ( and truthfully it wouldn't matter if the fishy was up side down, there are no rules to crazy quilting). The bulk of the bed sheet is on my work table rolled up and I work from the end. As I progress I 'roll' the bulk down. When I am stitching I gather up the rolled down bulk end Im working on and roll that up too. Basically it looks like it would if you had it in an embroidery stretcher rectangle frame...does that make sense? That is how I am piecing the whole sheet.
There was also some baking to be done, cakes and biscuits. A more succesful baking time as my mother has helped.
Finally the flowers in our garden are going to seed. I'm saving some of the seeds for next spring after dad showed me how to take apart the dead flower heads to find the seeds.

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