Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Gray day

It's a gray sort of day today with what looks like the promise of rain on the way. Our glorious spring days seem to be gone but they will likely be back again. It's a good day for puttering around. I made oat scone, with a crunchy sugar cinnamon topping which goes just nice with a good slather of butter and jam on a fresh out the oven slice.

I noticed the other day on one of my previous posts how I spelt a word wrong on this junk journal page, today I added a little white out and fixed up the mistake.

I'm also finding some old clothes I no longer like to wear and cutting them up for the material to use in future sewing projects. The floral material was a old padded coat hanger. The material needs to be washed and is only narrow and small but I can be use for small things like sachets.

Speaking of mistakes this set of seven dishcloths tea towels just doesn't want to be done. I sorched one. Moved the transfer on another while ironing and this one I ironed back to front, don't ask me how, so the letter for the days of the week is back to front. I think I'll stitch it up and cover the lettering up with a pretty piece of floral at the bottom. Shh. No one needs to know. I read on the web I might be able to rescue the scorched tea towel by rubbing it with hydrogen peroxide. I'll let everyone know how that will go. Some help in the comments on how I can remove iron scorch marks from a 100% cotton tea towel would be useful too. 
I'm also working on some sketchy still life paintings. Roses and teacups.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.


  1. There are some tips here for removing the scorch marks Perhaps you might find something that works, Shiralee. I do like the look of that oat scone...especially on an overcast day like today :-)

  2. You are very creative! I probably would have thrown it aside and never picked it up again! I love occasional days like this. Puttering around the house! I need more of those these days.