Wednesday 1 April 2015

Something from nothing


 1 cardboard tube : Paper towel, Gladwrap, or similar.
¼ metre fabric for rings
4 fabric flowers
1 metre gathered lace
If desired small imitation pearl strand
Craft glue


Step 1 cut covering material 35 cm long X 6 cm wide.
Step 2 Cut tube into four 4cm lengths.
Step 3 Place glue around inside top edge of tube. Start gluing material on, pleating as you go.
Step 4 Turn 1 cm over edge and on to glue.
Step 5 Glue other end and match pleats as you go.
Step 6 Cut a piece of material to fit inside tube ( A 4 cm wide ribbon can also be used).
Step 7 Glue this in a bit at a time rolling material over glue as you go.
Step 8 Glue gathered lace on to top and bottom inside edge. (This will cover joins.)
Step 9 Put glue around edges of tube, in front of lace and at this time small pearl strand can be placed around each ring for decoration if desired.
Step 10 Finish off by gluing a flower on each serviette ring.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are 

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