Friday, 18 September 2015

Patchwork days

Spring is very definitely here! We've had some thunder storms pass through and ended up with a power black out rather late at night. I don't know about anyone else but I always notice how quiet the house is when the power is off. I'm talking about that hum that seems to be always present when the power is on. Does anyone else notice that?

I've been wandering around the garden picking a few spring flowers for potpourri and for pressing. We recently planted out some new lavender in various shades from white to a deep purple, I think the variety is called 'Princess' I'll have to check the label to be sure.

As usual I've been quiet and puttering around at home. There's been some stitching.

I also sent out a few bits of mail to old and new pen pals. Alas, this did break the aim I had of only spending $10 as one was a parcel. Oh well, I'll keep trying. 

There's been some good home cooking. But not much. The way we eat here is changing. The parents are getting older wanting less and I'm more of a grazer so we cook smaller amounts that are plain food. We had Kale with mash and sausages the other day. And what ever was left over we made into bubble n squeak the next evening for dinner. Nothing exciting.

It has just been normal days where I have been tackling a few unfinished sewing projects, getting on top of my mailing out, puttering around inside and outside. It keeps me happy though.

 I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Shiralee, I wonder why we lost power but they didn't at Mt.Lofty. That often happens. I got a cutting of the pinkish/red lavender from the lady up the road and hope it takes alright. It is in her front yard which you may have seen. Have a great weekend.

  2. Yes! I do notice how quiet it is with the power off. Apart from the obvious the other reason it is so quiet is that the huge force-fields created by all the electricity wires are no longer messing with your nervous system and mind pathways. Aside form the power lines themselves (which sometime you can hear buzzing) all the wires that are running all through your walls and ceilings are creating a 'prison' like cage of force-field aorund you 24/7. As an electrician by trade I can vouch this is fact. Never sleep on the opposite side of the house's meter box - the concentration of electrical force-field is just too makes some folks sick in some many and varied ways. At a greater level the same force-field that exists in your home also exists everywhere there is a live electrical wire (think shopping centres!). that is why so many folk love going away camping and cannot understand why they sleep so well in a tent in the middle of force-fields. Why do we love is not really about the is about the lack of force-fields. I better stop....I'm getting revved up now. :-)