Friday, 4 December 2015

Simply colourful

Make your self a merry little Christmas. 24 days of gifts and makes to create a frugal home made Christmas.


Crocheting an edge around wash cloths.

You will need: 
Crochet hook
100 percent crochet cotton yarn

Start in the center of your wash cloth. Poke your crochet hook through, grab the thread up and tie off a secure knot (how I start). Put your crochet hook at the bottom of where you tied off and grab the thread with the hook again to make a single crochet.

Chain 2 go back down in your wash cloth and make a single crochet. Chain 2. Repeat around wash cloth to make first round.  When you go around the corners don’t put your stitches too far apart otherwise your stitches on the second round will be pulling. So go a little closer for the corners. The first round is like a blanket stitch to help with the second round.

Close the first round by slip stitching closed.

Second round: Chain three. Double crochet in same space where you closed off the first round. Count first chain three as a double crochet. Make a picot stitch by chaining three and bring crochet down into the top of the first two stitches of the double crochet. YO and pull through the three stitches on hook. This will make a like a little loop at the top and this is called a picot stitch. Go back down into the same space and make two double crochet stitches, this will form a shell stitch. Go down into next space and single crochet. Make a shell in next space: Two double crochet, picot stitch, two double crochet. Single crochet.

Repeat until your second round is finished. Finish off with a slip stitch to close round. Weave in any loose ends with a needle and make sure the ends are tied off securely.

These take no more than an hour to do and anyone can make these. Add bubble bath or soap or perfume or after shave and wrap them up.


I hope every one is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

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  1. Now that would look cheery in the linen press all stacked up.

    1. Phil,
      They really would cheer up any linen press. And they are so frugal to make too.
      - Shiralee.

  2. Such a beautiful stack! Thank you for sharing this project with us :)