Monday, 23 January 2017

Soapy tips

Tips for painting on soap.

Tip 1: Remove any of the soap labels by shaving them away with a box cutter. Shave slowly to remove thin layers. 

Tip 2: If there is any soap name left, use a dishwasher scourer to 'sand' it back or use a very fine sandpaper.

Tip 3: Tip 1 and tip 2 gets messy with the shaving so add paper down to capture the loose shavings and shave into a dish.

Tip 4: Keep the shavings to melt down into re-milled soap.

Tip 5: Use a coat of modge podge first.

Tip 6: After the modge podge has dried, coat the top of the soap with a layer of white Gesso (Or black if you want a dramatic looking soap).

Tip 7: Draw your design onto your soap with a soft pencil and light hand. If you can't draw use tracing paper and carbon paper.

Tip 8: Carbon paper gets messy. The best tip is to trace onto tracing paper and turn the design over on the back trace over the design with 4b lead pencil and then flip the design over then 'trace' the design onto the soap. The lead pencil on the back will transfer to the soap.

Tip 9: Paint your design using acrylic paints. Don't get too fiddly with your design, unless you have the eye sight and patience for that; then go for it.

Tip 10: Finish off with a coat of modge podge and a light coat of all purpose artist sealer if you prefer.

One last note always use non-toxic paints. Mode podge and artist's sealers are always non-toxic and so is many of todays acrylic paints.

And there you have tips for painting on soap. The soap is used from the bottom, the design will stay on until the bottom of the soap is used up. Or if you use a very scented soap it can be for decoration only and added to scent the linen cupboard.

Wrap your soap up nicely and add a card for a thoughtful gift.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Very pretty, Shiralee. A lot of work though. I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather.

  2. You are so talented! Those are beautiful. I can't paint or draw sadly. I tried making soap once, but I didn't have the correct type of lye so that was a flop! LOL I just stick to crocheting and scrapbooking now and a little sewing.
    Many blessings!