Tuesday 26 June 2018

Hankies for gifts -1939

I found this handkerchief edging in a November 1939 Australian women's magazine. It seems a bit complicated but the pattern is doable for someone like me with little experience in crochet. I tried doing the edging when I had a flu and there was a couple of attempts to figure out the pattern. I'm not really sure if I managed to get the pattern right but the finished edge looks nice enough. 

The finished handkerchief was teamed up with a hand painted greeting card and I used the greeting card painting as an embroidery on the handkerchief. For the embroidery I used the ever popular crayon tinting technique that was popular in the '30's for the embroidery.

(Note: The crochet stitches are English/Australian. American crochet stitches are different. I have a chart on my blog in an old post to translate stitches: Here)

Use fine handkerchiefs with a narrow hem and work over the hem into actual holes of hemstitch.

Abbreviations: Ch, chain; dc, double crochet; tr, treble; pic, picot ( 3 ch, 1 dc back into first) spl, single pic loop (2ch, pic, 2 ch, pic); H, hole of hemstitching. If plain linen be used, roll edge and close dc all round, then call every dc an h.

Double picot Edge:
1st row: 1 dc into any h, * 3 ch, miss 1h, 1 tr, 3 ch, 1 tr into next; miss 1 h, 1 tr, 3 ch, 1 tr into next; 3 ch, miss 1 h, 1 dc into next; 5 ch, miss 1 h, 1 dc into next, Repeat from * all round.

2nd Row: 1 dc into 5 ch loop, * 3 ch, 1 tr, 1 spl, 1 tr into 3 ch between first pair of tr; 1 tr, 1 spl, 1 tr into next 3 ch between next pair of tr; 3ch, 1 dc into 5 ch loop repeat from * all round. 

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Shiralee I hope you have recovered from the flu. I had the flu shot this year for a change. Love the colours of your edging. Very vibrant.

    1. Nanna Chel,
      I had the flu shot AND the pneumonia shot as well. I guess the flu wasn't as bad because of that. The crochet cotton is really pretty.

  2. This is a beautiful set you have made. The hankie pattern matches the card perfectly. You're such a talented fiber artist. Pat

    1. Pat,
      Thanks. I do prefer to paint but I like a doing fibre craft every now and then.

  3. Shiralee,
    I don't know how I missed this post! I love the hankie and the card both. I have them saved with all your penpal letters. Such a treasure!
    I can't bring myself to actually use it yet...lol! You do beautiful, intricate work, plus figuring it out!