Saturday, 5 May 2012

Stash Enhancing

I always find ways to build up my fabric stash. These pieces are no exception, from the thrift store bundled up in a bag with some lace and zippers. The little cross stitch apple is my stitchery, I have a project in mind for this.

With some beads and lace, my day was spent making fabric flowers for other items from the bundle of thrift store goodness. The chic bead centres are very simple to make and if you pop over to: Jennings644 youtube channel she’ll show you how to make the shabby chic pearl sweetness for your flower centres. Mine are a little less fancy, but that’s how I roll.

This week too, from my letterbox came some swap loveliness from the craftingpassionz Australia and New Zealand scrapbook group. I recieved yummy easter themed flower and pin swaps to cheer up a dull autumn day, and unashamedly girly charm from the dress form swap group. I can’t wait to use these. Then again, I might hoard them too.


  1. beautiful fabric flowers Shiralee!!! we love having you at crafting passionz!!!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging Shiralee. I haven't attended my blog in a little while lol. Nice to have you as part of the crafting group at CP. Hugs Faith :)