Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Old Friends


I have been away working on some old things to finish them. The mini album is 61/2 x 6/12 and uses up mostly kaiser craft Lush paper pad and a few other kaiser craft papers. The main aim of this mini was to use up odds and ends from other projects. The photo's are little wallet size ones I didn't want to throw away after I test printed them. For the binding I used the duct tape method found on a few yt channels just search for duct tape binding mini albums and something will pop up. Nothing was brought for this mini album, I used up from my stash and used up a lot of goodies recieved in a couple of swaps. Most of the items are just those brought from Waynes World and so on here in Aussieland, nothing overly exspensive. I also used my slice machine to cut out a lot of words and shapes - Salutations and Vintage Findings are the cartridges I used.
The crazy quilting is a cushion. I cut it down to more manageable size blocks to work on and am remembering how to do all the stitching. The spiral bound books are little note books I had drawn in working out Crazy Quilt stitches I saw around websites. I use the note books as a reference for ideas. If you can't draw like I can draw, just print out the image and stick it in your notebook. Soon enough you will have a good size reference book which is much cheaper than buying a book. If you are buying a book on Crazy Quilt stitching I recommend Judith Baker Montano. J. Marsha. Michler. And the new kid on the block - Brian Haggard.

Today is gorgeous warm weather with a bit of a breeze which is a change from dreary old winter. Have a lovely day whatever it is you are doing.

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