Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sweet Spring Arrival


Spring is coming don't you think? Days are warming and there's all pretty flowers bursting out with colour ---it is a visual feast for the eyes and sweetness for the nose (If you are not an allergy sufferer).

As the days warm I find myself thinking about old art and a return to painting. Such a long time ago, since I painted with oil paints. This girl was my first proper painting learning how to paint she is from Renoir. She is the original size of the Renoir and is oil on canvas. Canvas then had to be brought from the art shop, then I had to stretch up on a frame and it cost a fortune for the roll of unprimed canvas, the stretcher frames, and not to mention good quality bristle brushes. I eventually switched to wooden panels and painted them up with gesso, they were heavy but so much cheaper. Now that canvas is so cheap there's no limit to the amount of painting that can be done.

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