Monday, 2 December 2013

honey bee

Waiting for the bees.
I finished my bee painting. The story evolved as I painted. She holds a bee skep in her hand (a small one) and waits for the bees to arrive in her garden during the day. The painting is on a long skinny canvas done in acrylic paints.

In the background I featured Simba, who is a dreaming fox in this painting.

And the roses are there too. Along with the baby blue plumbago bush I was admiring. Her lacy collar is inspired by a battenburg lace collar I have in my stash. Now onto thinking about other projects.


  1. Shiralee, you are such a good artist! That is a lovely painting. That collar is beautiful.

  2. Åhh..I really love this! so so beautiful and full of dreams I can relate to. Love the expression in her eyes too..everything in this painting. you are really an artist!!!
    and so happy you leaving words at my place. Have had some time of..but now this Winter and me are friends I think..

    Hugs to you, lycke