Thursday, 20 February 2014

Browns and Greens

The last couple of days I have been working on my granny square throw rug. The squares are building slowly but surely. I'm using yarn I brough from the thrift store so there's no real color scheme to the arrangement it is very random.

I've also been going through some stash stuff my aunty gave me. I love the mother dear plaque it's very retro.

This very odd flower belongs to the dragon fruit that is growing in our back yard. It's not fully open as it was a very over cast day and it only opens fully at night. The flowers on this plant are huge! And we are seeing the fruit form now after these bloom.


  1. Shiralee, I discovered we have a dragon fruit plant growing in a pot in the front garden. You may have seen it. It has thorns on it but I believe you can get dragon fruit without thorns. Which one do you have? I don't think ours has flowered as yet.

    1. Hi Nanna Chel,
      We have the one without thorns. And apparently dragon fruit only flower after three years or so.
      Thanks for commenting !