Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Life lived

With Summer coming to a close we are currently enjoying more cooler weather. This is the type of weather I like. The cool weather has me thinking of wintery type projects, currently I am working on a crochet granny square blanket using up my wool from thrift store finds. I hope to have enough wool to make a good size blanket.

The other day I looked through the recipe sheets that were handed out in the Simple Living cooking from scratch workshops. I made a favourite again, pizza using the pizza base recipe. We had this with a light salad. My favourite recipe from those workshops is still the curried sausages.

During rests from my crochet blanket I am also making little sketches and drawings in my small sketch book for possible paintings, but more for just practice. I'm also writing away in my scrapbook/smash book/diary book too. I recieved a notebook at Christmas and I am using that for my February diary.

Over summer I harvested cucumbers, beans, and radishes. These are the last of the radishes and we had the last of the cucumbers and beans a while ago. I'm learning a lot from my garden. Did you know if radish crack it means you're watering them unevenly.


  1. You know Shiralee I have been meaning to plant radishes for ages but have probably left it too late now. I had some seedlings ready to plant out yesterday which looked fine first thing and when I came back to plant them the birds had eaten them so now ut's back to square one. I will be glad when our Simple Living group starts up again.

  2. Hi Nanna Chel,
    The birds had a chomp on some of our radishes too or something did, a few had bites out of them. I don't mind. And I'm looking forward to the start up of the Simple Living group workshop too.