Monday, 10 March 2014

leafy things

The weather has turned more and more towards Autumn with rainy days and foggy mornings. With the drizzly weather out I've turned my hand towards stitching to make a frugal thrify cushion from my sewing stash.
I like the idea of combining two or more of my hobbies together. The UK magazine Get Stamping inspired this cushion and I used the free stamps from the magazine to create the project. The issue is an older issue so not sure if you can still get the first issue which is where this project came from. I no longer buy magazines new as they are too expensive. Because I used what I had I didn't follow the instructions too closely or used the colours they did. I used the colours to match the material I did have, and as always the material is thrifty store finds. Now I have a snuggly cushion to lean against while I crochet away.

I've been thrifting too on fine days, though not much is about to want me to take home. I do buy a few little things. And of course there is sketching away in my sketch books and more mini album things I am making. I hope to get a video up soon of the current storage box idea for photos I did. More on that later!

Have a good day everyone.


  1. The cushion looks lovely, Shiralee. You are very talented I must admit. Not long till the Simple Living Group starts up again I guess. I am looking forward to it.

    1. Thank you Nanna Chel,
      I'm looking forward to the Simple Living Group starting up again too. It'll be nice to see everyone again.