Saturday, 22 March 2014

Fringed flowers

To make these fringed flowers you will need the following:
Paper strips. I used printer paper scraps for mine. But you can use any strips you have from your paper stash.
A jar lid of some kind for a template. A smallish one is better about 2 inches.
Acrylic paints. Or scrapbooking sprays of your choice. Or Inks too.
Paint brush.
To begin, place your paper strips around your jar lid. Start in the center and work your way around. First place a dot of wet glue on the base of the lid. Then the top of the paper strip. Continue to add a dob of glue to hold each strip in the centre. Don't use a glue gun as this makes the centre too raised up.

Once finished gently pull off the flower from the lid.

By this time you can paint your flowers. Add your bling centers as well. I used flat backed pearls, around 2mm. Once dry cut into the paper strips to start fringing. Cut as far down into the center as possible. You may find it is best to cut the strips a few times to get a nice looking fringe. 

And then fluff up your petals softly and you're done!

Have a nice day everyone.

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