Monday, 21 July 2014

House Crafts

These rose cuttings were taken from the roses out the front. They are in a warm sheltered spot when days get chilly. It will be nice to see what happens to them as they grow.

The days have been cold and the wind is a lazy kind of wind, the type that is too lazy to go around you and just blows straight through you. Over the weekend Sunday was a glorious day, still cold but not like it has been.

While it has been cold we don't get snow like on this vintage Christmas biscuit jar. But it's nice to dream about. Likely not nice to have to be in.

The days are good for scones straight out the oven with plenty of butter and jam. All washed down with a good strong cup of tea. I don't take sugar in my tea and sometimes I prefer it without milk too.

After wandering around in the garden to see how the plants are doing I got into preparing fabric squares to make up some thrifty pillow cases. You might recognize some of these fabrics from other projects. I also crochet up some trim to put on the pillow cases. The crochet thread came from the stash my mum had and doesn't want and all the fabric is thrift store brought fabric. Some were in scrap bags, some clothes that no longer fit me, some like the backing fabric is from piles of very cheaply brought pillow cases found in the thrift store.

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