Friday, 18 July 2014

Scrap basket

Not only has it been cold but the wind has also picked up and is blowing up a gale. It's enough to stay in doors and play with the what I can find in the scrap basket.
I made these apple ( with a bite taken) potholders all from scraps ( Do you notice the rose fabric from my old shirt I also used for the bonnet gals tea towels and woven potholders?), save for the fabric with the American flag on it. I recieved the fabric in a swap a long time ago, it was fabric fat quarter for the memory of 9/11 so some time after that. I wasn't sure what I would do with the fabric and now I found a good way to use sections of it. The firefighters that are on it will also find a way into something eventually. The pattern for these potholders were found on pinterest via someone's uploaded account of books. You can find the pattern on my Sewing basket pinterest board. I think it is under Flavia flickr pin. Not sure now. But the sewing basket board has mostly free patterns only unless there is a pattern I can look at and figure out how it is done by looking, that will be the only non-free pattern. I pin a lot there. Can you tell?

While nesting under blankets to keep warm I've been watching the Homestead Blessings The art of crafting DVD and learnt the West ladies technique for this really pretty crochet trim. I'm still learning crochet so an easy edging is wonderful to know.

I've also some more tinted crayon potholders stitched up. There are seven of these gals, all different colours. I hope to have them finished this weekend.

And I also put together another new journal/smash/ mini album. I created this from long envelopes. One is on the bottom and one is folded up to make a top pocket and a bottom pocket. The fold at the bottom pocket is slit to slide in a photo from the side too. This is a followthepapertrail mini style tutorial album Laura has on her youtube channel.

 There are lots of pockets in this album to slide in photos and notes and such. I had a lot of scraps cut out from practising with my Making Memories slice and I used up a lot of those in this little book.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening wherever they are.

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