Tuesday, 30 June 2015

simply home

The weather is starting to turn more towards winter. I think it's still a mild winter, but July will soon tell if we are having much of a winter at all. The mornings are foggy and chilly but the days warm up nicely.
We had an uncle and aunt visit, mum's brother and sister in law. It was nice to see mum using some of the 'good china' she has in boxes for the table. I don't think anyone noticed we were using a Christmas tablecloth for the table. Shhh, don't tell.

Before everyone came mum was showing me some old photos. The gentlemen and the lady at the top are Mrs B and Boad, mums mother and father who have passed on. I've seen two of the photos before but the black and white one interested me the most. The lady in the middle (Grandma Warner) of those two young boys was my Great Grandmother, mum's grandmother; who has also passed on. The boy next to the house picture now lives in the house. I find it always interesting to see family time lines like that. 

I've also been tackling that UFO basket of sewing things. A bit of stitching on this. And a bit of stitching on that. Who knows I might finish some of the projects this century. I did some stitching on my crazy quilt and there's progress finally. Spider webs are for luck. I'll need luck to finish this.

I've also been working up a book. A Herbal for my pressed herbs and such. I've made a bound book and I've been tea staining papers to include in the book. I'm not sure how I want to decorate the pages yet, but I do know I want handwriting and drawings with pressed herbals and flowers. I'll be sure to show the finished result or at least a WIP of the herbal book later.

I've also been working on ideas for new paintings. So even though I've been a home body I'm still very busy with puttering around doing my own hobbies and helping around the home. Who says you need to go out to find entertainment?

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. It was very foggy yesterday, Shiralee. I drove out to the Chocolate Cottage and it was like pea soup and I could hardly see the cars in front of me. Today was a lovely sunny day though once again.

  2. How fascinating......the generations interweave their stories and lives.

  3. It is so hard to imagine winter in July... :) I love all these beautiful things you are working on. Very talented! Wish I had the time to work at sewing and knitting... maybe I wouldn't be so aweful at it. Stay warm! (That seems so weird! LOL)

  4. The weather has been very topsy turvy over the last couple of weeks I think, but chill is coming surely. How luscious those patty cakes look (I refuse to call them cupcakes). Re finishing projects, yes it is a satisfaction to finish but to me, the joy is in working on them, such as your rich tapestry of works. You are fortunate to be able to learn more about your antecedents by talking and looking at photographs, only one photo book was saved during WWII by my Mother's family, so they are precious.

  5. Your herbal book sounds delightful! I love pressing flowers and herbs. Tea staining the pages to give them that vintage look is wonderful.