Friday, 31 July 2015

Floral charm

This is a very frugal and simple lesson in how to make a tea cup bouquet of your own to pretty up your home. You will need a tea cup and saucer of your liking. Then gather a handful of small flowers and foliage to match your bouquet. Some people like to add florist foam or chicken wire in the bottom of their containers to hold the flowers, I just let the stems of the flowers hold everything in. Add some water in the bottom of the tea cup to begin with. 

The next step is to take off all the foliage that will sit in the water. Then take your small largest flowers you have and arrange them in the teacup first. Tea cup bouquets are dainty, your flowers and foliage should match the dainty quality.

Next add in your foliage until you are happy with the look of how they are arranged. Herb foliage can be used if that is all you have.

Then begin to arrange any smaller flowers you have around your bouquet. I used some small white climbing roses we have growing and some alyssum.

Before you know it you will have a easy tea cup bouquet you can admire. Just before the blooms fade I take the flowers and press them or dry them for pot potpourri. I also save the foliage too for potpourri.
If you don't have access to real flowers dollar store silk flowers work just as well. If you add a bit of blue tack or tiny amount of glue dots to the base of the tea cup just to hold the tea cup but enough to pull apart later, you can give this as a gift and they can reuse the tea cup.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

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  1. Very pretty, Shiralee. Will be especially nice in spring when the flowers are all blooming.

  2. Hi Shiralee, I should be able to do this soon, I have grown about 20 plants of this daisy from seed and they will be planted out in the next month or so. A lovely vignette.