Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mother Goose

While the weather has been cold and today very foggy, I have been making some baby blankets for my driving instructor. She gave me some scrap and I added some scraps and pretty soon I had two crib blankets ready for new born twins- a boy and a girl. I brought nothing for theses blankets and used what I had. For the batting in the quilt I used a thrift store stripy flannel blanket (the stripes can be seen through some of the fabric but I didn't mind). They are very simple to make and I hope to give instructions for one soon.

I used a simple four patch and one patch for the 'Cow jumped over the moon'.

The cow uses some of the fabrics already in the quilt. Do you spy that piece of white fabric with red roses, yes, it's the same one I used for my bonnet gals tea towels! I still have fabric left over. I also added some applique stars around the cow quilt.

For Mother Goose, I used old pillow cases and some of the scraps used in the cow for Mother's dress, hat, and shoe. I used pale pillow cases to make a softer pastel quilt and simply used a one patch. I appliqued some hearts around too.
I added a tag for washing instructions and I can give my driving instructor the quilts today ( these are a gift and I don't charge a price) when I have my driving lesson. I still need some more lessons for my driving but I'm getting to a level where I am now comfortable with driving, it's still scary but I can do it. If I can learn to drive at 45 you can make this quilt too when I post up the instructions to do you'll find it's as easy as driving.

I hope every one is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Using natural cardboard and handwritten labels - this just adds to the appeal of your work - a nice touch.

  2. How exciting for you to be learning how to drive. I didn't learn how until I was almost thirty. My husband was my instructor/teacher. I really love driving now, and with four children there seems to be plenty of opportunity to do so.

    Your little quilt is lovely.


  3. Do share the instructions for your quilts. I am just starting out on this journey so some ideas and tips would be very welcome. Thank you Shiralee.

  4. Shiralee, that is nice of you to make those for your driving instructor. I hope it won't be too long before you get your licence.

  5. These are beautiful! and I love how you used the materials you had on hand. How very talented you are! :)