Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Flower Days

We had really lovely weather today, there was a slight breeze and with out it I think the day would have been much warmer than it was. You can feel the change in the air as Spring is fading to make way for early Summer. 
I took a drive with Dad to one of our local nursery's as Dad wanted to by some more yellow roses. He said this local nursery is one of the better one's for price and for the fact the plants are out doors. He doesn't like buying plants in stores. 

I came home with a Tansy plant. I have a few potted plants for my self for a dyer's garden I hope to have and use eventually. Tansy gives gorgeous shades of subtle green and yellow. The Tansy I brought is the common Tansy, the herb. Not the harmful Tansy Ragwort which is very different in appearance.

The roses have been blooming and I've been picking flowers and drying them. I am playing around with making tea blends. This one is Green tea, Calendula, Roses and Jasmine flowers. I know these plants haven't been sprayed so I am okay with drinking them. Always be cautious about ingesting plants, no matter how benign. Be especially cautious when pregnant, taking prescription drugs, around pets, and small children. In short: Be safe.

There's been some slow work on the crazy quilt. It's a slow thing, more slower now the weather is warmer. This is a good winter project.

I've been working on a different technique with my art, using coloring pencils. If anything it is relaxing to do.

I also changed my blog look and added new links to the pages beneath the header. 

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

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  1. That spider's web is sensational Shiralee! As for colouring in, have you noticed all the colouring in books you can now buy in the shops for adults? It apparently induces mindfulness.....you could have told everyone that many years ago!