Friday, 12 February 2016

Bachelor’s Buttons

TANSY – Bachelor’s Buttons

Botanical name: Tanecetum vulgare or Chrysanthemum vulgare
Family: Compositae
Parts used: Flowers, leaves and roots

Tansy is a decorative perennial plant which grows to about a meter in height and has dark green finely divided feathery leaves and small yellow button-shaped flowers which grow in umbles; it has camphorish scent. A native of northern Europe, it has become quite widely cultivated in other parts of the world as a decorative garden plant. Accustomed to waste places in the world it is tolerant of less than perfect garden conditions and will seed freely. The root is strong and quick spreading and can be easily divided. Once a popular medicinal plant it is now seldom used as modern knowledge decreed that the leaves could be toxic particularly when used by pregnant women.

The leaves have a ginger-like taste and can be used as a flavouring for savoury dishes, soups and stews.

Soothing, insecticide, disinfectant.
A poultice made from bruised leaves will ease pain of sprains and bruises.

Tansy tea can be made form the leaves to make a good face-wash for acne sufferers. It has an exfoliant ability by reason of the hormone it contains can peel off dead layer of skin so give a fresher cleaner look to the complexion. Always use a small quantity to begin with – some people react more strongly than others.

Tansy hung in the kitchen and larder will keep away flies. In the wardrobe it will keep away silver fish, fleas, and moths. Liberally strewn in kennels and pet basket it will keep pets free from fleas. Rub it will into their coats too, to make the best of the tanecitin oil it contains.

Grown under fruit trees it will repel pests. Rub the leaves between your fingers as you pass to release the scent. Add the plant to your compost for it is a useful plant that contains potassium and other minerals.

WARNING NOTE: As always be cautious about using herbs. Pregnant women and small children and pets should use with caution. Do not take in place of proper medical advice.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Keeping away flies....very good to know.

  2. good to know as I knew the culinary aspect of this herb but not of the other benefits

  3. We have a lot of tansy that grows wild around here. I have never heard it called bachelor's buttons before as another blue flower is called that around here.

  4. Awesome i must get some as this year is the worst year for flys in the living room and kitchen

    1. Linda,
      It is a thirsty plant and needs a lot of water. Also it grows huge, but it does keep the flies out.