Monday, 1 February 2016

Bright things

The weather is bringing in the change of seasons, before we know it we'll be in Autumn. There was supposed to be some super cell storms but we had a lot of rain and the muggy weather is back again. 

At home there has been preparations for a hearty vegetable stew using up what was in the fridge and the last of Nanna Chels' (going grey and slightly green) Zucchini's. A packet of french onion soup mix lifted it up a bit and made it tasty. I also made up another damper to have with the soup and that went over well.

I've also been playing with paper things. I had some snail mail to send out, a little late for January mail but it was sent. I know the overseas pals won't get their letters until February so I decorated my letters with a romantic theme. I already had the envelopes and the stamps are old ones from my collection.

It really has been a month of use what I have. But then don't I always do that? 

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. That verse you have written out tends to defy popular beliefs on what humans should act like - imagine a world with everyone doing this?!

  2. Shiralee, I took a photo of the other end of that rainbow the other day. LOL! Talk about feels like we are living at the coast :-( I look forward to the cooler weather coming.

  3. How gorgeous! Who wouldn't love to receive mail like that?