Sunday 8 May 2016

Home Life

The weather has turned and you can tell Autumn is in the air. Although we have been having some warm days and it's nice to sit in the sun. I've been painting too, I attend an art society and it's a nice social gathering to go to and talk about art.

At home I've been pottering around. Shepherds pie was made and roast dinners too. I'll give a recipe for the Shepherds pie soon enough. I've also been working on another baby quilt to give There will be some instructions for that as well. I was sitting outside enjoying the sun while embroidering the squares for the quilt. As you know, I like frugal so these quilt squares are done on an old sheet and the sweet children images are printed off the web. The embroidery thread is about 60c each and this goes far when you are using one strand of thread. It'll cost me nothing much to make, just a little time to do. These type of things are slow as you know.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Hi Shiralee those quilt blocks are looking really lovely, cant wait for the Shepherds pie recipe. I love your painting. Take care and thanks for sharing. Guida

  2. Guida,
    We haven't Shepherds pie in ages so it was a nice change. Will have the recipe up eventually. Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather.