Saturday, 14 May 2016

Marigolds, Mint, and Petunias

My favorite season has arrived...Autumn. The mornings have been starting off very foggy but the fog soon lifts for a nice crisp, clear day. The nights have been a bit chilly yet still warm. At home, I've been pottering around fixing up my small garden. 
Dad gave me some herb cuttings from his garden and my aunt who lives across the road gave me a lot of pots to work with. I now have a beginnings of my own garden. Hopefully I can keep every thing alive, I don't have the best talent with gardening. As always you will know I'll keep my garden frugal too and will share ideas.

My favorite place now is garden places and Bunnings garden section. My aunt and I went for a drive out to Bunnings after Mother's Day and they did have some plants on sale. I came home with Marigolds and Petunias. 

I also started off some late flowering seeds of a cottage mix variety. I'll see how they will go, I may have planted them out too late. The back of the pack did say Autumn and they are growing so with a bit of luck I might have a few pretty flowers to show later. 

Another thing I have been doing is I reopened my Youtube channel: My Channel 
at some point I will rename it to match my blog. There will be a few different kinds of videos to match the content of my blog: Art, Sewing, Craft, Gardening, Snail Mail, Simple living, and so on. I'll post video's here too from the channel to save going in to look at the channel.. I'll be doing a mix of voice and music videos. I don't have the best quality voice for speaking, add painfully shy into the mix and hearing me is just hard for everyone including me, but I'm going to give it a try. 
Hopefully my voice is not too painful to listen too.

On this Youtube video I'm talking about the baby quilt I'm making. 

The technique is using Crayon Tinting. And the Images come from Q is for Quilter I used the links from her children's book category. The book is favourite paint book - Little girls

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

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  1. Love the video Shiralee, great tip on the crayons. I have been wanting to try this out for ages, thank you. Love your flowers, good luck with the seedlings. Guida