Friday, 1 February 2019

Early February in 1939

A bad case of the flu meant a break in blogging posts. I also had to help with a family member who underwent a major surgery and that took up a lot of my time. It did mean falling off the 1939 living and going back to modern convineces of fast food. I'm now looking at using lunch boxes and making up meals for those times when I'm sick. After the flu hit I did go about and cleaned up the house, which was just as well because not soon after it was back and forth to the hospital for the family member who now is coming along fine after their surgery.

The February 1939 newspaper articles for the garden encourage mulching and staking up tomatoes, eggplants and dahlia's. And with the heat around there's advice to keep the watering up to the plants that need it.

I had my first harvest from the garden and I expect more to come in as the plants grow.

With summer in full swing and the heat soaring, many newspaper articles are giving out summer recipes or advertising meals useful for the heat. Arnott's Sao biscuits is advertised regularly and cordial drinks are popular. The cordial drink is probably not the healthiest but Cottee's is an old brand from the time of 1939.

I'm looking through a lot of advertisements now and trying to find many of the brand names used for the time. Some brands are still around today but the original recipe for them has changed like the SAO biscuits. Their's were much larger and I remember as a kid the SAO's were larger and thicker than what they are now. The packaging from 1939 was also very different, they had a packet that let you cut through the packet and you closed it back up to keep the contents fresh. 

I remember a while back SAO company trying to say they didn't change anything and the news found a lady who had a really, really, old packet stashed in her pantry she forgot about. Of course they compared the biscuit size and yes the company changed the size. 

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

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