Sunday, 16 September 2012

Barely colour

Lately I am drawn to old photographs and have brought some vintage ones from Seasons Remembered on Etsy. This is going to be the beginnings of a love affair of old photographs. I’m drawn to women with particular looks and whom are dressed elegantly, they will no doubt inspire some paintings in the future.
I also found an old printed embroidery pattern from my stash, it is not embroidered and has some tulips as a border either end, or perhaps they are meant to be crocus flowers? There are some birds flying off into the distance. Very 1950's style maybe a little earlier. I think the cloth is supposed to be a duchess set, does anyone remember those? I do.
The flowers here are coming out after a long winter nap. The weather is so odd, one day clear and pretty, the next day foggy and dreary.

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