Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Twist of lime

Three cards all with the same main stamp from Paper Artsy. I also used some Tim Holtz stamps. I used three different colored inks on the stamp from Paper Artsy and gave them each a touch of lime color through out. I always take a little extra time to decorate the inside of the card too, you can use up left overs for that added special touch.
I've been thrifting too. I found some lime green slinky fabric, a floral affair with pale flowers, and delicate lacey embroidery anglaise type fabric as well. I also found a book by Sylvia Fair called THE BEDSPREAD. Amelia and Maud were two old sisters, who lived at each end of a long, long bed. It was covered by a white bredspread and eventually the sisters agreed they would decorate the bedspread with embroidery. The illustrated art is the type I enjoy with lots of little details to find. You can see some of the illustrations next to my sewing box which is a bit like Amelia's side of the bed----messy.
The bright lime colors of today are such a difference to the dull weather, which started out dreary and cloudy but soon warmed up, showing billowing storm clouds with blue sky trying to come through.

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