Thursday, 16 May 2013

Homely Comforts

The shawl I was working on is finally finished. I used a bag of wool from the thrift store so the shawl is a make do and use what you have project. It was a good beginner project to learn crochet and I am looking forward to working on some more crochet projects.

I sorted through my craft books and set some aside for future reading and project ideas.

 Some times it is nice just to stay home and make do with what you have. 
While browsing through the Internet Archive home link I came across links to a set of DVD's all about homely comforts from the West Ladies. Here is the link to those videos if you are interested: Homestead Blessings.
The Internet Archive is a wonderous place to look for other source material that is free. There is a treasure trove of vintage sewing, embroidery, and homemaking books available. Grab yourself a cuppa and settle for a good read.

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