Sunday, 26 May 2013

Simple living - Sourdough Starter

 Simple living classes we learnt a couple of skills for homemade dairy products and useful bread skills with simple yeast.

We were given a recipe to make our own cottage cheese. And then we were given a demonstration on how to make 30 minute Mozzarella Cheese. Each demonstration was very interesting and it was great to be shown how easy a skill like this is to do on your own.

We were also shown some Sourdough starters. The easiest was the Sourdough starter with yeast:
Sourdough Starter – With yeast.
Begin with 25 g of fresh yeast or 1 tbsp of dried yeast. Mix in  200ml of tepid and put in 500 g white bread flour. Combine the yeast water into a large bowl. Make sure the bowl is deep as the mixture will bubble and rise quite a bit.
Then slowly add another 400ml of tepid water. Then combine to make a thick smooth batter. Cover the bowl with a clean tea towel. This mixture should be kept at a cool room temperature out of direct sunlight for around 3-5 days. The mixture is ready when it begins to froth and has a pleasant sour smell.
I had a very good time learning and look foward to using these recipes and skills in my own home cooked items.

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