Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Laugh and flowers

I made a paperbag card today inspired by the paperbag card tutorial at Chan4crafts youtube link.  I did it a little different. I had a different size paperbag (mine was 10cm square).

I also didn't use seam binding for the join in the card, I used paper instead. And I used different matching papers for front and back as well as in the middle of the card, to use up some scrap papers I had leftover. The paper I used was Grace Taylor brand.

The stickers, bling, butterflies were brought from our local Sam's World and Crazy Clarks stores. The flowers I brought on ebay. Everything was all in my stash for a while and I had fun using what I have. I think these types of cards will be very good for placing small items in like photos or those store gift cards that have credit. It would be easy enough to adapt this to a mini album book as well.

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