Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Winter sunshine

The weather was really nice today. A change from some of the cold we have been having. It was a good day to find a nice sunny spot and work on some crochet dishcloths and embroidery in the sewing basket.

One of the projects I finally was able to start on after it has been sitting on the 'to-do' pile was the supper cloth I started in this post. I'm using two old bed sheets I had in my stash for the cloth. One blue for the teapots and the other a white one someone obviously had made up to fit a larger bed for themselves. It's a nice white cloth that I want to use for other items.

While the house has been toasty warm on previous days I've been drying up some items for potpurri. These oranges smell sweet.

 My floral arrangement is also in the potpurri makes. I pulled it all apart once it started to wilt and have it drying for future scented projects.

Yesterday was cold so we had an old fashioned favourite for dessert, prunes, rice and custard. All hot.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.


  1. It certainly was a lovely day, Shiralee. I was doing some gardening in the sun and had to come inside to take off one of the three layers I was wearing. LOL!

  2. During our 100 degree days it is refreshing to read what is going on in cold climates! I can't wait for fall to get here. I am not a hot weather fan at all. And the bugs drive me crazy. You may wonder how I can work in a garden with those major dislikes! :) I can just smell those oranges drying! Thanks for sharing some coolness! :)