Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Magpie collector

This morning the weather is cooler than yesterday, but then it is still morning and the heat of the day has yet to set in. If it's hot today I am indulging myself with a 'Spider', made with ice cream and soft drink. Meanwhile, on my desk are some finished junk journals and one journal which needs to have the pages decorated. The first journal has ribbon threaded through the pages and I used up a lot of stash scraps to complete the look. All the pages have been inked. The cover is made from manilla file folders.I toughen them up by added layers of scrap paper underneath and add the final page image I want to use as the front piece.

Inside the pages are very homely.

Also on the finished list is the second issue of my homemade zine: At Home. I finally settled on a ribbon closure for the pages and added some clear hole re-inforcements to stop the ribbon from tearing through the pages. I need to redo the first issue as I am not happy with the margins.
 I spent time on both issues hand drawing the images and writing. There's some pages with type font.

Here's a sneak peak of my December Daily junk journal. I used all old Christmas cards to make this and you can follow instructions on Jennibellie YT channel found here to make one the same. I decorated the spine with handmade paper beads and the Christmas ornaments I got from the thrift store. None of these things cost me very much I think the most exspensive item was probably the bus ticket to go into town at $3 return. Sometimes it pays to be a Magpie collector. Now I have painting on my mind that I want to do.

(An old collage painting of mine: The sea captain's author.)
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.

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  1. Lovely work as usual, Shiralee. It is feeling hot outside so I guess the maximum temp will be higher than forecast like yesterday. A cool change is coming though thankfully.