Sunday, 12 October 2014

Artful letters

Over the weekend my sister,  (I have three sisters younger than me and an older brother) came to visit and there was a lot of talking. She's a talker and good for a laugh. She is more like my other sisters, out going and with that mummy vibe that looks after everyone. I'm the shy one of the family and it always hard for me to be engaging out side of family. Having three outgoing chatty sisters (and an older brother) always give me people to talk to. Other wise I just wouldn't talk as a child. Needless to say the internet chatting is more comfortable for me.
Over the weekend I also went through a lot of my stash just sorting and thinking about where I want to go with things. I've done some thrifting of late and there's a few things to sort through.
 Looking at the pile of cards I made gave me the idea to think now is a good time to start letter writing again. Letter writing seems to have fallen out in favour of emails and phone calls. Which is a shame. Even with postage costs high I don't think sending a simple letter or card would break my or anyone's small budget.
If you would like a letter and card from me please email me your snail mail address at Vintagepapery (@ gmail) and I'll send you snail mail (overseas friends are welcome). You never know what else you might recieve in the mail from me too. It'll be a nice way to revive the art of letter writing don't you think? Hopefully my handwriting will be readable! I don't type my letters out I always write them out.

Now I have some painting to do. Sisters, keeping the light. With peacock greens and blue birds. I think. The story will change as I paint. I also have lots of stitching to do too.
I hope everone is having a good day or evening wherever they are.


  1. That is a lovely offer, Shiralee and I hope someone takes you up on it. You don't need to send me a letter as I live around the corner and it would be sent to Brisbane first before coming back to Toowoomba :-) Can you believe that? We missed you at the worksop on Saturday and hopefully you can make the next one.

  2. Such a nice offer Shiralee, I really should start up my letter writing again. Making the time when I have peace and quiet is my only problem.

    My eldest daughter (33yo) is always writing letters, and she does some really nice decorating when doing so. She works full time, and yet she still makes time for her favourite hobby. She started doing this way back in school with her first penfriend. My mum doesn't have a computer, so she still writes letters weekly :)