Monday, 27 October 2014

Thrifty things

We've been having some sorching weather the last couple of days. There is some relief with a bit of a storm and today there was breeze even if it was a hot one. I've been sitting outside underneath this shed awning, seeking breeze and looking at blogs on my IPAD.  The garden looks wilted in this heat and the lawn isn't worth mentioning.
I got news today from my operation that all is well and nothing was cancerous. I've healed up very fine and even have lost some weight which is good. All up the cyst(s) they removed was 1kg.
I was brave enough to get out and about in the heat to look around a few thrift stores this week. I came home with a few things I want to use for Christmas creations. I was particularly happy to find two whole bags of broken earrings, the big kind that were popular in the 80's and some nice bling-y sort. I want to use these on Junk Journals. I also found a huge bag of Christmas Ornaments, I've used some for a December Daily. The photograph above is some thrift finds from last year with a my sketchy journal for drawing.
I've also been making some Junk Journals. Different to the ones I usually make. I like to create signatures in my Junk Journals this time I have single pages, decorated front and back, inked and I am threading the pages together with soft over dyed silk ribbon tied in a bow on the front cover. Like the old vintage photograph albums.
Is it too early to mention Christmas ornaments? I've made up these bells from simple cardboard, string, and foil from the kitchen. These are the undressed ones. I've finished up some all dressed up nicely from my stash. These are rather large, I like to make some smaller ones for the tree. I hope to show instructions for these soon-ish.
And now I have some ideas for paintings I want to work on.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.

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  1. Hasn't it been hot, Shiralee!!! Unbelievable for us here eh? The heat just saps your energy. I am glad your results were good. I was going to go to Vinnies last week but couldn't get a park so kept going. You scored alright though.