Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Quiet Days

I've been pottering around decluttering things in my stash stuff. I re-arranged everything to give a better work station area so I can create without feeling cramped. Considering I'm creating in my bedroom this is no easy task, I can tell you. I managed though to get things organized enough to call it done. And with the heat that was around I picked a bad time to want to declutter. At least it is cooler today.

Over the weekend I attended the last of the Simple Living workshop for the year. We had a DIY frugal Christmas gifts workshop and ideas. There were some very good displays for frugal gifts. Nanna Chel over at Going Grey and Slightly Green has a good highlights of the displays and events.

The workshop we had was a lesson in making our own Soy Candles tea cup containers. Mandy from An Old Dairy was our teacher and she did a very good job of showing us how easy soy candle tea cups are to make. It was a good day out and I enjoyed meeting up with every one again after been away due to surgery.

I was asked by My Cup Runneth Over in comments how I made my clay brooches, I used air drying clay and painted them with acyrlic paint, then I varnished them with artist acyrlic varnish to harden them a little more. The ones above in the cup are large ones that were my first go and rather than toss them out I painted them up and will use them for plant pokes.
I hope everyone is having a good day or evening wherever they are.

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