Sunday, 2 November 2014

Home Comforts

The last few days have been very hot. The heat invited in some indulges of ice-cream with soft drink to make a 'Spider'. Very sweet and something I won't want again for a while. Just when the heat looked like it was going to stay around we had a cool change today and there might even be the prospect of some rain.
While at home there has been some general yard duty to clean up the very wilted yard, pots and underneath the grape vines. I did discover a volunteer Cherry tomato plant and harvested the remains to remove the spent plant. Next year I hope to have a good veggie garden a little 1940 Victory type. We shall see.
We had a fur visitor and I hade to fur-babysit for a little while. Mister Simba was not impressed not being able to play with the kitty. And I think all that kitty action was exhausting for both of us!
Also I managed to 'inherit' two large book shelves that are painted green. I have one in my room and I'm sorting through things and rearranging them. You can just see that large haul of old broken vintage earrings I got from the thrift store the other day sitting in a thrift store basket I was going to use for gifts.
There has been some crafting. I am finishing up some things and just made these for Christmas wrapping paper. I cut up a sponge in shape of a tree and added paint to it to make the trees, then I used a Noel stamp, and after that I added green glitter on the trees to make it more Christmas-y.  The heart paper I added some red glitter on some of the hearts. I like the heart one enough I might use it to make up envelopes and stationery for writing to pen pals.

 I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.

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  1. Since I live in the US it seems like it would be so hard to wrap my mind around Christmas in the heat! :) While you are all gardening and enjoying cool drinks we are layering on the clothes and having a hot tea! So glad that we can talk around the world! Hope your weather stays tollerable...