Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Silver roses

The weather today wasn't as hot as it has been and we're in for a bit of a storm to help cool things done even more. Here's hoping.
It stayed fine enough for me to get the bus into town to attend the Christmas Mini-Market hosted by the QCWA Toowoomba branch. QCWA is Queensland Country Women's Association and they have a lot of branches all over the state of Queensland. They are like the Women's Institute in Britian. Where they teach skills of handicraft and hold morning teas and some social functions. The Christmas Mini-Market was held in a small hall of the QCWA rooms. There was plenty of tables with jams, cakes, & chutney, lavender, jewellery, wooden items, baby garments, cards and so on. I came home with Grandma's Date slice (Said so on the box), a small christmas present of a hanky and soap for some one in the family. And I also came home with a silver plated three piece vanity set consisting of a mirror, brush and comb all in it's original box. I was told if I wanted it I had to haggle for it. The price was $20 and I just said 15 even though I would have taken it for $20. Can you tell I'm not much of a haggler?
Isn't it pretty though. It's so nice mum wants it too.

Also I found these candle scones at the thrift store for $1 the pair. Aren't they nice? They go well with my decoupage candles I think.

I've also been painting and finished up a new, small, painting. Fairy Lullabye.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening whereever they are.


  1. The silver roses are sure easy on the eyes - beats the ugly practicality of blue plastic hands down. I remember my grandmothers brush hand mirror and comb set similar to this

  2. Shiralee, I didn't realise the Christmas market had been on already. I went to it last year and there were lots of bargains. I was hoping to get to the Bush Christmas Exhibition too. It is cooler today thankfully.