Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Creamed Peaches

The weather has been a mixed bag, from some rain to mildly warm. Better than the heat wave we were having. I've been crocheting, I'm a beginner at this so I'm still learning. This edging I adpated from one I read in a book. The edging is pretty simple: Three double crochet in the same space. Three chain. Repeat until you are done. I used a blue fade away pen (slightly visble still) and measured the spaces to keep it even. Simple, no? The dishcloths were $2 from the cheap dollar stores and are very soft. The crochet hook went straight throught theses. The crochet thread is a vintage sort from mum's stash. The colour looks sort of brown here but in real life it's a rich peachy kind that suits the flowers. I'll be adding some cinnamon soap I recieved in the Simple Living secret santa swap to these and call them done for Christmas presents.

I've also been doing some junk journaling using up some of the paper stash. And there's scribblings for maybe future paintings.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening wherever they are.


  1. I can't believe you are a beginner at crochet, Shiralee. I thought you were quite experienced as you do such lovely work.

  2. This edging truly transforms these dishcloths - such a great gift idea bundled with the soap. The great thing about home-made gifts is that the receiver always spares you a thought every time they use the gift. That is rather nice.

  3. Nice job on those wash clothes. That really added a nice touch to a plain old cloth. Glad to hear your heat wave has turned. We are "cooling" down here in the US too. Didnt' get above freezing yesterday! :)