Sunday, 7 December 2014

Her Room

The last couple of days we've had some rain and storms to help cool things down again. The seeds I thought would never grow are shooting up all over the area I planted them. The Lilliput Zinnia's now have some flowers on them. I've also been puttering around re organizing my room. Technically I'm really just moving things from one end and back again. But it does make me clean and sort things up a bit. This time I put all my material out so I can see it at hand. My craft space won't win awards for most beautiful but at least it is functional and much of the shelving/cupboards/tables were given to me. So frugal too. I even put up a tiny christmas tree given to me too.

Speaking of giving. My brother gave me a Nikon camera. It's a huge beast of a thing and I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with it. I've been using my phone. I've been playing with the nikon here to see what it can do and these images are taken from the camera.
I've also been sending out mail. This is the last to go. A gift for an o.s friend. I gave a to learn knitting book. Homemade chapstick and Cinnamon soap (from the secret santa swap at the Simple Living group) and a stitched homemade bag to put their knitting in. The design is from Red Brolly. Aren't those gal's cute? The design says: Laughter with friends keeps you in stitches.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening wherever they are.


  1. Isn't it muggy, Shiralee. I am on my way to the airport in the bus. My brother is giving me his Nikon camera too. We might have to experiment together :-)

  2. The girls' hats are just super!