Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Home Life

The weather has been quite nice of late. A few chilly mornings with some frost but the days have been rather glorious. Not at all like winter but we still have another month or two to go before winter really ends and spring arrives in September. 
Dad's garden has been giving us some winter harvests. Peas. The last of the cherry tomatoes. Radishes. There's also Zucchini to come too. 

The geranium I brought home from the last Simple Living swap has been planted and is blooming lovely. 

The other day I went over to the patchwork shop just around the corner from me, to buy some hexie shapes for a project someone wants me to do. More on that later. The paper shapes weren't too badly priced and I justify spending money on what really is cardboard I could cut up by myself is the fact these can be re-used.
As I was going into the shop I saw Nanna Chel driving around towards her least I can say I never did buy the whole shop.

The hand piecing for the Kansas Dugout is also going along nicely. This is another project to go with the above hexie piece.

I've also been thrifting again. Not much in the ways of picking but I did come home with a nice fluted pie dish and this book which is about Australian pioneer women. 

Inside it's all about how Australian women of the past made their homes and what they did in it. 

 I brought the Gentle Arts one online by the same author and it too is about crafts of the Australian women of the past.

Both books are very imformative and I like learning about my heritage. The things written in the books I've heard before from my mum and dad. From their parents. Mum convinced my great grandmother to trade in her old copper laundry kettle for a new (at the time) wringer twin tub. Dad's family they lived in tents out in the bush as ringbarkers and also mining sapphires and the like. 

Below is some of Dad's relatives from the past. Don't they look stylish for tent living.

I hope everyone is having a nice day or evening where ever you are

P.S: I also forgot to mention in the Salmon Rissoles recipe you can also add cooked peas to them to give a nice taste too.


  1. I love that pic of the relatives!
    I also admit to loving geraniums - not everyone likes them. Bright red ones hanging from window boxes!

  2. Those books look very interesting Shiralee. They put me in mind of the BBC series Victorian Farm which re-creates a farm as it would have been back in Victorian days.

  3. Shiralee, I never thought of the patchwork shop selling those hexagon paper shapes. I did think of buying some after our workshop a while back. I still have the ones Margy gave us. See you at the workshop on Saturday I hope.

  4. Oh how I wish our winters were so mild. We are just getting into our summer (93 degrees today!). After that long winter we had I am ok with this! LOL! Love those books. They look very interesting.

  5. Shiralee, those books look very interesting and I love the photo! They are indeed dressed! Precious!