Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Gentle pursuits

Today was really nice weather, even if I didn't get out side much. It was a good day for doing the laundry and there was some chicken soup to be had. I've also managed to do some stitching on my crazy quilt. 

Victorians considered spider webs were for luck and always included a spider web on their elaborate crazy quilts. While I was stitching this spider web I was contemplating what was lucky about spider webs. If you've ever ran into one you know it's not so lucky. Or seen a huge spider dart across the room and disappear leaving you wonder where it went...not so lucky. I concluded perhaps it had something to do with the thought the Victorians considered it lucky because a spider was industrious and busy all the time, they did value work. I think I'm going to be busy with this crazy quilt as there is still yards of fabric left to stitch, it fits the top of a double bed. I just want to be able to say: Oh, yes I finished one of those quilts! It won't be pretty, but it'll be finished.

I've also been working on some pages for Zine ideas about being at home. Simply put, a Zine is a mini magazine, often hand drawn, hand written, or cut/paste printing and scanned/printed out then folded into a little booklet. I've two issues, so I like to make some more...I'll probably pop these in snail mail to pen friends for something to read along with the usual letter.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are


  1. Greetings from southern California. Your crazy quilt looks lovely with all the beautiful designs you are incorporating. The Zine booklet sounds fascinating. Maybe you can post a photo of one you made? Wishing you a wonderful week. Pat xx

  2. Stay one weekend away from the shops....hmmmm. A new thought to entertain