Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Summer memories


This charming book mark uses a length of heavy card stock, which is decorated with a wide satin ribbon and pressed flowers, then backed with thin card. It is covered on both sides with a protective layer of clear plastic film.
Choose the colours of the ribbon to complement the colours of the flowers.

You will need:
A length of 4cm (11/2 inches) wide satin ribbon. The book mark measures 29cm (11 1/2 inches) long. Pressed flowers. Thin card cut cut a little wider than the wide ribbon ( see image) , wet glue, tweezers.

Arrange ribbon on the card, cut the ends into a point and glue the ribbon down. Then arrange the pressed flowers using a paintbrush with glue, and tweezers, fit the pressed flowers around the ribbon to make a pleasing pattern. Finally cover the book mark with a clear plastic film (contact or have the book mark laminated with a laminating machine, make a few more book marks so you don’t waste the laminating sheet)


I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Wonderful - Mother still has a violet my father picked for her in a meadow in 1952 in the pages of her bible. The colour is still good. maybe due to the high quality rice paper pages.

  2. Very pretty as usual, Shiralee.